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Founded by Tim Lee & Rebecca Rouleau - the Royals were created in 2016 to provide an opportunity for select baseball to an area that historically could not afford traditional "select" baseball. We continue that mission today as a 501-c-3 nonprofit organization. We get to keep costs as low as possible with our only focus being on player development vs profits.

While we started in Shoreline, we have players from all over western WA. Our home field and complex is at Meridian Park in Shoreline.

20 Commits

20 Commits

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Tam-roc award

Named after 2020 senior Roc Ransdell and 2021 senior Tam Bellefuil - the Tam-Roc award was created and ​presented to a player voted on by the managers of each Royal team that displayed the following ​characterisitcs:

  • highly skilled baseball player
  • dedication to the game
  • commitment to the program and players

Roc lost his senior year due to COVID-19 but continually worked out and practiced until he left for Olympic ​College to play his freshman year of college baseball. Tam was one of the most impressive offensive and ​defensive players in the history of the organization earning 1st Team All-Metro and All-State honors at Ballard ​High School before starting his college career at Yakima Valley.

Both Roc and Tam were fan favorites from every team because they would travel to support the younger ​Royals at their tournaments and even helped out at their practices. The Royals thank you and all future ​winners who have given back to the organization!

Award Winners:

  1. Tam Bellefuil - 2021
  2. Jameson Connolly - 2022
  3. Logan Anderson & Blake Gettmann - 2023
  4. Dylan Dyer - 2024

seattle children's

Madison J. Lewis was six years old when she was diagnosed with high-risk stage 3 Neuroblastoma cancer which is a very common cancer for young children. Her journey to beating cancer included spinal surgeries, blood transfusions, multiple stays at the hospital for days or even weeks. Creating and crafting art projects helped her pass the time while she was battling cancer. Madison has been in remission for several years and most recently completed several more blood transfusion at Seattle Children's the last few years.

Madison wants to be a Pediatric Oncology nurse in the future because of the positive influences her nurses had on her. She is currently attending Shorewood High School and is participating on their cheer team. Madison is also the daughter of one of our coaches, Jay McArthur.

As September is Childhood Cancer Awareness Month - we invite you to raise money and to collect art supplies to donate the Seattle Children's Hospital Oncology department. Thank you so much for your generous gift and we hope we can all help to end cancer one day.

If you are able to donate, here is the link


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